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Lassithi / Elysium Press Release

CD CoverRobot Records are pleased to announce the first, full-length release by the UK based Aeolian String Ensemble.

Although originally set for release on the legendary United Dairies label, Robot Records have secured distribution. The work was produced by David Kenny, a long time collaborator on Nurse With Wound / Current 93 projects.

Consisting of two evolving pieces, Lassithi (1992) and a specially commissioned new work Elysium (1996) this CD offers a more linear and fluid overview of this fascinating material than that of excerpted, early compilation appearances.

The Aeolian String Ensemble's post production technique (harmonic extraction) on sounds generated by the strings of various different materials, recorded at sympathetic locations, create a hazy, shifting and spacious atmosphere for your total aural immersion".